Raytech Metal Finishing Solutions

Raytech is the World's Largest Manufacturer of Small Mass Finishing Equipment

Raytech products are multi-functional and task oriented. Whatever the application our high quality machines can handle the job.

  • Deburring
  • Descaling
  • Radiusing
  • Flash Removal
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Burnishing
  • Blending
  • Separating
  • Systems

From the Finishing People...

Whether you make castings, stampings, fabrications or desire to process gemstones, Raytech has a machine to suit your application. Raytech is the world's leader in the manufacturing of small mass finishing equipment and accessories. We hold all of our equipment to the highest quality standards. Our vibratory line is over 25 years old and our magnetic line was introduced in 1996. No one has more machines in use or more applications experience than Raytech in vibratory or magnetic machines.

Vibratory Machines are utilized to deburr/finish irregular/blocky shapes, since the vibrating activity works the media at blind or hidden areas passed over by the slide action of a conventional tumbler. Vibratory machines process more complex part configurations than tumblers and run cleaner with plastic media. Part size is not a problem in a vibratory machine. If the part fits in the channel and rotates, it will finish.

Magnetic Machines centrifugally finish non-ferrous parts that are small, complex, and of fine detail and have areas conventional medias won't reach. Fine small steel media shapes will reach these areas to clean, smooth and burnish, imparting a uniform surface finish to all parts. Magnetic finishing has very short time cycles, in most cases 30 minutes or less.

Oblique, Open End Machines are similar to rotary barrel tumblers. These are easy to unload and tumbling action is easily observed; however, longer cycle times are required than with rotary. Generally used for cleaning, part-on-part deburring/burnishing, drying chemical applications and used with small or loose media/abrasives. These are especially good for flat parts.

To learn more about mass metal finishing, please click here to access the latest article from Industry Expert and Metal Finishing Consultant, Sam Thompson. This article, entitled, The Art and Science of Mass Finishing is a must read for anybody interested or involved in metal finishing.

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